Sunday, March 7, 2010


If accounts are inactive for a while, will they be deleted?? EEK!

I hope not, but just in case, I might make a random/small post here and there. (:

Yeah :)

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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been a while!

And sadly, I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking to my other blog from now on. :)

It has been a wonderful 3ish years with this blog and I've loved it. But my time is now fully committed to the other one. :)

Follow me, tell me your story, enjoy. :)

With love,

Stacy :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Odd, but new and exciting for me!

Hey everyone! I have an exciting announcement to make (well, it's exciting for me).


I have created a new blog page.
(Link at bottom of page.)

"WHAT?!?! But you've been using this blog for three years!"

Yes, I know.

From a large nutshell to a very tiny nutshell, this is what happened:

So, for the past few years I have been using THIS blog as a diary. While a few of my personal friends know about it, they don't read it. No one in my life reads this. Just people that started out as strangers and have become my wonderful blog friends whom I love. To those who have recently started 'following' me, thank you and I love you, too! <3 Once in a while, if I post something here that I really like I share it on facebook. The past few times I've done this I have been slightly bombarded by them to begin blogging regularly. Yes, I do have this blog and I could give them the link to this one... BUT I am uncomfortable with all sorts of personal business I have posted here (thinking no one I know will see it) suddenly becoming available to whoever. I hope that makes sense. I'm just not comfortable with it. BUT DO NOT FRET! I will still use this one for talking about school, work, and thoughts that aren't what people would call 'inspirational'. However, if you enjoy my posts about my adventures of starting yoga, my journey to become marathon fit/physically healthy/eating right, and my spiritual journey/realizations... then you will have to go there for that. The 8 posts I have there so far ARE ones from here. BUT from now on the two blogs will have different content, and I will probably update that one much more frequently. So I HIGHLY suggest adding that one too if you have enjoyed my past few posts. :D

I love all of you very much, and hope you will share my journeys with me!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunrise Salutations

With my curious heart and nervous mind, I wander into the large, dim room. The walls are made of mirrors, and soft music waves through the room. Renee, my instructor, smiles and points to where I can borrow a yoga mat. I take it and hold it like I would a security blanket. I unroll the long, thin, gentle mat down and sit on it. Feeling self-conscious I glance to see what other people are doing. Noticing I'm the only one with my shoes and socks on, I casually take them off and throw them off to the side.

Now that I was in the room, I was eager for the lesson to start. Yoga has been a subject of my curiosity for quite a long time. I'm fascinated by the culture of it. From what I've read and heard of the practice, it not only does wonders for the body- but your mind. For years I held myself back from trying anything like this. I have never been very flexible. Before and after workouts, I stretch mildly (if I even stretch). I think the only time I truly take time to stretch is before and after I run a half marathon. Another reason why I held myself back was due to my ego pulling me back. For years ego told me a person had to be fit to practice yoga, I wouldn't succeed, I don't have time, blah blah blah. What was I trying to protect myself from? Finally I see those were silly excuses. Fit to do yoga? That's how some people become fit!

So, why now? My heart told me to. Once I realized there are no jobs available this semester, I started thinking about what else I can do with my time? Suddenly my heart put yoga in my thoughts and I became so excited! Why NOT now?! I found a class that fits my schedule and I signed up for it!

Renee began with breathing practices and eased the class into positions. After warming up, she showed us a routine of moves (called Sun Salutations). Performing these moves is intended to wake up and energize the body. It's also a way to "honor", "adore", or "bow to" light. In many cultures, light is a symbol of consciousness and self-illumination. What we're doing it adoring the light and letting it in. One thing I LOVE (even though I am loving everything about yoga so far), is Sun Salutations always begins and ends with joined hands touching the heart (mudra)... this is because the heart is what can see the truth! Beautiful!

I am extremely excited to see where yoga takes my mind and body. I am grateful for another opportunity to open myself up to the world!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interesting Ideas

An interesting thought has stumbled upon me.

Once in a while, if I really enjoyed a particular post, I will put it on facebook. When I do this, I get extremely nervous. All sorts of thoughts buzz around, "What will my friends think? Will they think I'm full of crap? Laugh at me? What if people hate it? So embarrassing!" But I stop myself. That's ego talking, trying to drive me crazy with pointless thoughts! For goodness sake, if one of my friends didn't like my post they wouldn't say a thing. I poor my heart out here!

What's funny is, I get wonderful responses and I'm incredibly grateful for that. Then one of my friends mentioned to me, and a few other people agreed- that I should consider writing a book.

A book?!

I'm not going to lie- that sounds like a lot of fun. I have a story to tell, and I think there are many people that can relate to me.
Am I ready to write it? Not really.

I feel that every blog I write can contribute to it greatly. So, in a way, I've already started it without realizing it.
But what I feel is I should consider this again once I'm 1) out of college 2) after I volunteer in Africa and 3) simply live a little more life. Even though I have technically been on my journey for 10 years, I've just began a healthy one that I'm sticking to. Only a year ago did I start this path of BEING love, gratitude and abundance. I'm still a young grasshopper (haha, I had to through the cliche in there, I apologize)! I have a long way to go. :)

There is another thing I am quite excited about. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this restaurant in San Francisco named Cafe Gratitude. The owners, Matthew and Terces Engelhart, have become idols of mine and their ideas, beliefs, and love shared in their books and in their practices have helped me greatly on my journey. I was browsing through when I saw that they have internship opportunities! WOW! It would be incredibly perfect if I was able to intern there... I am excited to learn more about it. It would be a dream come true.
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Well, goodnight everyone!


Saturday, January 9, 2010


A year has gone, and a new one has come. A cycle I am grateful to continue to be a part of.

Typically, this is the time people reflect on what has happened to them over the past twelve months. Times of joy, sadness, laughter, unworthiness, worthiness, abundance and uncertainty. But after all that... to those who are still here, we have made it. We were provided for, and we still have something precious- our life.

I will remember the year 2009 as my new beginning. The year I decided to change my life for the better, and I am committed to continuing this journey of positive self-discovery and improvement. Technically, it was November 2008 that I made the choice to put myself first above everything else. To some, this will sound selfish. What about everyone else? Your family? Friends? You think you're more important? Pssh. It took me 10 years of riding a severe roller coaster of dieting, sadness, small success then failure- to realize something. If I don't take time to love myself, how can everyone else? Sure, I heard my family and friends tell me they loved and cared about me... but did I believe them? Not quite. I felt unworthy, and that I didn't deserve love. How could anyone love a failure? Well, sometime during the beginning of November 2008 it hit me- I am worthy of love. I am worthy and capable of love. Before, I would beg the Universe/Spirit/God (etc..) to give me the determination and motivation to find a diet I would stick to, a way to exercise I would love.. and just give me these things. Funnily enough, while watching the movie "Evan Almighty", I remember when Morgan Freeman (who was playing God, of course) said something like: "Do you think God just grants people things like courage? Or does he give a person the opportunity to be these things?"

THE OPPORTUNITY!! Wow! I looked around my house- it was full of fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread/pasta, eggs, genuine oatmeal, a supportive family, friends that I know would help me along this journey.. I've had the support all along! I just didn't see it yet... I wasn't aware that I have had the opportunity to act this whole time! In the past I've let my ego get the best of me and told myself I couldn't do it because I always give up at some point. That success isn't for everyone. Well, that's a pile of BULLSHIT.

Ever since, it has been my time for change. I looked at all the food in front of me as an opportunity, "Will this help me? Or hinder me?" If I wavered, I knew I would feel disappointed... I went to the gym even if I wasn't "in the mood". But most importantly, I began the journey of self-discovery, and worked on how to completely love myself. From the very start of my journey to now I look in the mirror and say what I am grateful for, and what is beautiful about me. Inside and out. It is important to affirm these things to yourself. Be patient, stick to it, and you will begin to believe it.

Remember, I believe in YOU.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twenty Ten

2010. Twenty Ten. This is how I pronounce the new decade, and I welcome the new year with wide, open arms. This will be another exciting year of growth, change, love, risks, vulnerability, and discovery. I'm excited that I have someone to share this year with, and that I will not be facing these battles alone.

Yes, I do have some resolutions. Last year I kept some of mine, and those were to eat healthier, lose weight, and run a half marathon. I did all those and then some. I ran three half marathons (improving my time by a crazy amount at my last one).

THIS YEAR I will run my fourth half marathon in March, and will be running my first full marathon in June. I would like to do a total of 2 or 3 full marathons by the end of the year.

I will finish losing the amount of weight I want to lose. Just 20 more pounds to go until my goal weight!! :D I CAN DO IT!